Classes in English

Arts-, crafts and sewing classes in English

Das Kreativlabor offers craft and sewing workshops, after school care and birthday parties also in English. Extend your skills from a professional craft and sewing teacher, adult educator and fashion designer in a fun and supportive environment at the Kreativlabor in Oberwil, BL, Switzerland.

Classes are held in German, but the teacher is fully bilingual , therefore, don’t worry – art is an universal language! Please see all details for upcoming classes here

The Kreativlabor is back open – we are working with the BAG Guidelines. Please be sure to follow the rules too that we are all stay healthy.

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Kreativlabor Mini – Toddler Art Club 3+

Come join us for this process oriented art class! The workshop is designed for a parent/caregiver and child interactive, learning experience. While introducing your child to all kinds of materials, we‘ll explore printing, painting, cutting and gluing. We’ll be making fun things to hang, decorate or play with. Care givers are asked to be present to interact with child.


The Workshop is taught mainly in German, but English speakers are very welcome (teacher is fully bilingual). Art is an universal language!

Kreativlabor Mini 3+

Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 10.00 – 11.30am

Wednesday, September 23rd 2020, 10.00 – 11.30am

Age: morning, 3-4yrs

Cost: 15.-/child and caregiver incl. snack

Place: Kreativlabor, Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil

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Kreativlabor Mini 4+

Thursday, August 27th 2020, 3-5pm

Thursday, Septmeber 24th 2020, 3-5pm

Age: morning, 4-8yrs (at the age of 4yrs children are accompanied by a parent/caregiver to interact with the child)

Cost: 25.-/child incl. snack

Place: Kreativlabor, Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil

Please sign up under Kontakt

After School Craft

Great projects for little creative explorers for school kids 6years and up

Every Friday afternoon – Nählabor

Sewing for beginners from 3.30 – 5.30pm

For creative and sewing enthusiasts Age: 8-11years. Includes snack time and individual sewing

Every Tuesday afternoon

Kreativlabor projects 3.30 – 5.30pm or 4.30 – 5.30pm

For creative explorers Age: 6-9J years. Includes snack time and different craft projects.

Every Tuesday evening – Nählabor

Sewing for advanced kids and teens 6pm-7.45pm

For sewing enthusiasts with experience and teenagers who would like to start. Age: 11-16 years. We will have a break during this class, but no snack

Location: Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil, only a few meters from the Thomasgarten- and Wehrlinschulhaus and close to the bus station „Baumgartenweg“ bus line 61 and 64. Parking in front of the building.

The students come independently to the Kreativlabor where we start with a healthy snack and some time to relax. Afterwards, we are working on individual creative projects and/or sewing. For kids 6 yrs and up, group size max. 6 children/group.

CHF 25.-/afternoon including a healthy snack, plus material costs. One module/class is 10 weeks , CHF250.-  plus material fee. You can book one individual module/project or stay the whole year one module follow the next module/project. No class during school holiday.

Introduction into machine sewing for kids age 8+

Aug. 22nd 2020, 14.00 – 17.00Uhr

New: Special Introduction into machine sewing Mini for kids age 7-8

Aug. 22nd 2020, 9.30am-12.30pm

Perfect for beginners and all sewing enthusiasts!

We will go through the basics of machine sewing like threading the machine, safety, different stitches and how to use/sew. Every child will create his/her own pouch or bag by the end of the workshop.


Cost: 50.- incl. Snack, excl. material (ca. 10.- CHF)

Place: Das Kreativlabor, Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil

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Pillow Sewing Workshop – unicorn, fox or panda pillow

New classes will take place after the summer break

We will sew a cute and fluffy unicorn pillow – a great workshop for all young sewing lover 9yrs and up, some sewing experience is helpful. The kids will be able to choose the details and the colors of the pillow.

Place: Das Kreativlabor, Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil

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Shirt Sewing for kids 9+ yrs

You choose from different patterns and options you favorite. You will learn how to use a paper pattern, cut the fabric and create your personal shirt.  Important note: you need to have a little experience to join this class

New dates are coming soon… please check back!

Cost: 135.- incl. snack, excl. material cost (ca. CHF 30.-)

Place: Das Kreativlabor, Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil

Registration and more infos:  Kontakt

New class: bag sewing course – for children and teenagers from Grade 3/4+

Also suitable for beginners!

New dates are coming soon… please check back!

In a small group we sew a bag. There are various trendy templates that can be sewn individually and according to your own taste. Every participant can take home a great, home-made bag !

For experienced and new sewing enthusiasts.

Cost:  CHF 135.- incl. snack, excl. material

Place: Das Kreativlabor, Baumgartenweg 4, 4104 Oberwil

Details and registration here

Personal Craft and Sewing Workshops – makes a perfect gift too!

I love putting together a sewing or a craft workshop just for you! They are sort of a combination between a birthday party and a girls night out. The workshop takes place at Das Kreativlabor or your house or a place of your choice and can either be a group of kids (age 5+), teens or it can be a group of adults.

All it takes is finding 4-6 friends/participants and we can start a group.

Cost: 20.- SFR per person/hour, I will supply all the materials (some projects may have an extra supply cost)

Timeframe: Approximately 2 hours

Total time: 3 hours (1/2 hour of set up,  2 hours of crafting, 1/2 hour clean up)

You get to pick out the project– it can be a longer project that takes several weeks or one that we can finish in one session.

She creates an environment that encourages the love for crafting, creativity and learning.

Birthday Party

I am happy to plan and host a craft or sewing activity at your party. Please see details here.

Claire Février led fun filled „crafternoons“ for children and workshops for adults in Vancouver, Canada.

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